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Alan Benson is the principal partner of BensonTEXT, a content-development corporation. He was formerly an assistant professor and Director of the Center for Writing Excellence at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UWEC). He is also a technical writer, editor and web developer.

He teaches writing center theory and first-year English courses at UWEC.

Current projects

Technology advisor, The Anne Finch Digital Archive. Assisting with the development of collation tools, timelines, multimedia presentation, and other technologies for the digital companion to The Works of Anne Finch: A Critical Edition. Project director: Dr. Jennifer Keith.

Development editor, The Writing Lab Newsletter. Maintaining social media presence and editing Tutor's Column.

Online Writing Center resource site: Wordpress-based collection of resources, best practices, and models for writing centers developing online consultation. In progress.

tweeter.php: Scripts to automatically update Twitter and Facebook statuses. Available on github.

Recent projects

Dissertation: Collaborative Composition and Writing Courses: The Virtual Problem of Context. Committee: Dr. Nancy Myers, chair; Dr. Elizabeth Chiseri-Strater; Dr. Kelly Ritter. Defended May 2012.